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The Original Reikibear...


The year was 1998 and I was sitting in my therapy room with a lady who was having weekly therapy sessions after a diagnosis of cancer. These included Reiki and visualisation and affirmation techniques.


During one of our 'talking - listening' sessions, she asked me if she could hold the teddy bear that was sat on my shelf. As I handed the soft toy to her she began cuddling it and eventually she stopped crying. I had previously 'charged' this bear with Reiki energy and I could tell that it made a significant difference to her energy and outlook, so I offered the teddy bear to her for her to take home.

Now I had to find another bear to replace the one I had just given away... Eventually I began to run out of soft toys and due to potential cross infection, I was gifting bears every week and these bears were not produced in the UK or from materials I would have chosen, so they weren't ideal.

Mount Kurama


Since becoming a Reiki Master in 1997, I had been looking forward to the moment when I could make my spiritual quest to Mount Kurama in Japan, to the place where Doctor Mikao Usui discovered Reiki.


I achieved this in April 2003, and it was while in meditation on the peak of Mount Kurama that I got the confirmation for creating the little bear I had sketched in meditation years before.

This was a heart shaped face, kind, amethyst eyes, and long arms. He was quite tall with golden mohair so I made a sketch of this little vision and began to make inquiries about having him made locally, but no one would take the responsibility for the standard and quantity I needed - besides it was going to be expensive... So what was I to do?


It was five years before I had the funding to begin the journey with my vision. During this time a further reason became apparent for the need of a purposeful bear. As a Reiki Master during the teaching of Reiki 11 weekends I was asking students to bring along a teddy bear, doll or something that would act as a surrogate on which to practise distant healing. Here was the perfect opening for which a dedicated and bespoke teddy bear was required, created with a true and positive intention.




When I returned home I made inquiries about UK teddy bear manufacturers and discovered Merrythought Ltd. After many telephone calls I sent my sketches to their designer and made arrangements to visit to see if this was going to be the place where my little bear could be brought to life.

I was shown around the Merrythought facility and watched in amazement as lots of other bears and soft toy animals were in various states of creation, it was quite an experience. I knew that after visiting Merrythought I had found the perfect place where my little bear was going to be born.


The vision given to me has now been realised, and The Original Reikibear is now created, bringing with him eight special principles that can help everyone to live a happy and balanced life one day at a time. 


Just for today - be happy

Just for today - show gratitude for your blessings

Just for today - be kind to yourself and others

Just for today - be tolerant of each other

Just for today - have patience

Just for today - have persistence

Just for today - have perseverance

Just for today - earn your living honestly

heart line


From a Vision to Reality

I know that the lady who received the gift of that first bear from my shelf would be happy to know that there is a little bear now that will go on forever to live in people’s hearts. They have no need to feel neglected or unloved again, and anyone who is disciplined in the Reiki energy now have their own special bear purposefully designed for Reiki healing that was given prominence on Mount Kurama.

However, if you are not Reiki attuned you can still help distantly with healing as each Original Reikibear comes with an instruction manual and Reiki works on your intention to be of service when you have a kind and loving heart.